The Very Thought of You

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Emilie-Claire Barlow / 爵士 / 2007-08-10


Introduction of her from Wikipedia:
Emilie-Claire Barlow (born 6 June 1976) is a Canadian jazz singer and voice actress. She began her career at the age of seven, voiceacting for television and radio jingles. She has voice acted for 6Teen, Sailor Moon (as Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon R season episodes 66-82 and as Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S seasons), Rescue Heroes, Dragon Warrior, Martin Mystery, Spider Riders, Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Total Drama Island as her favourite character so far, Courtney. She has won the "Female Vocalist of the Year" award at the 2008 National Jazz Awards.
Comments on this album from other media:
Amazon Canada September 5, 2007
Canada certainly has produced a healthy collection of females singing loungey jazz covers in the last decade (Diana Krall may well be the matriarch, with Holly Cole and Sophie Milman following behind) so the question remains... how does Emilie-Claire Barlow stand out from her competition? Well, creative control, for one thing, having produced and arranged The Very Thought of You, as well as writing the arrangements and conducting the string section on her disc. The end result is a collection that is a little more musically expansive than some of her traditionalist counterparts.
The title track oozes its way forward, lushly and restrained; on the second track, "Almost Like Being in Love" Barlow commandingly scats, as she does in and out of a number of tunes, including "Surrey with the Fringe on Top," that features a beguiling arrangement that's far more sexy than perky.
As for what the disc does best? That answer would have to be the way the Torontonian embraces jazzy samba and bossa nova rhythms on a number of different tracks, including the playful "Pennies from Heaven," "De Conversa Em Conversa" and the sensually breathy "So Many Stars."
- Denise Sheppard, Amazon Canada
Additional sources:
-Her myspace website, a free source to have a taste of her music~
-Her blog with updated information
-Official website

The Very Thought of You的曲目列表

01. The Very Thought Of You
02. Almost Like Being In Love
03. O Pato (The Duck)
04. Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream A Little Dream Of Me)
05. Pennies From Heaven
06. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
07. Surrey With The Fringe On Top
08. My Time Of Day / I've Never Been In Love Before
09. C'est Si Bon
10. De Conversa Em Conversa
11. The Boy Next Door
12. So Many Stars
13. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me (Bonus Track)

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