2004 Summer Vacation in SMTOWN

8.5 217人评价

SM TOWN / 2004-06-29

2004 Summer Vacation in SMTOWN的曲目列表

01.Hot Mail_Smtowm
02 Drive 东方神起
03 Lollipop_BoA
04 快要疯了_Kang Ta
05 Summer in Love_Fly To The Sky
06 想给你讲的故事 Isak N Jiyeon
07 愿望 (Fight To The End)_DANA, Ji Yeon
08 Only For You_Moon Hee Jun
09 Through The Forest 东方神起
10 Just One_Moon Hee Jun, Kang Ta, Isak
11 That's The Way_Yoo Young Jin
12 Don't tell me_Black Beat
13 Baby Come Tonight_Dana
14 Time After Time (在梦里)_Shoo
15 Rainy Day_Chu Ka Yul
16 Midnight Parade_BoA

2004 Summer Vacation in SMTOWN的短评(12)

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