Low vs Diamond

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Low vs Diamond / 2008-07-22


2008 debut CD by this Los Angeles-based Alt-Rock/Pop outfit. Despite their current city of residence, Low Vs. Diamond is not only a Los Angeles band. They are, in every sense of the word, an American band - with all of the members hailing from backgrounds as diverse as their hometown cities themselves: Seattle (vocalist/guitarist-Lucas Field), Chicago (drummer-Howie Diamond), San Francisco (keyboardist-Tad Moore) and the Jersey guys (lead guitarist-Anthony Polcino and bassist-Jon Pancoast). This melting pot of musicians was established a few short years ago when they formed Low Vs. Diamond. While never concealing their nods to current bands ranging from U2, in scope, to the Strokes, in grit, Low Vs. Diamond are clearly possessed by those that passed before them. It's these roots that define the essence of what separates this band from the rest.

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Don't Forget Sister


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