Man In The Machine

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Royworld / 2008-06-03


2008 debut album from the British quartet, a large, lush ball of smashing Pop music that encompasses everything from Indie Rock and Britpop to quirky, New Wave influenced Elecro Rock. Seemingly out of nowhere, the band arrived on the scene fully formed, a confident and energetic modern Rock band custom-built for the future. If Peter Gabriel was born 30 years later and was inspired by Radiohead and other forward-thinking Britpop bands, then this is probably what it would sound like. Features the singles 'Dust' and 'Man In The Machine'. Virgin.

Man In The Machine的曲目列表

1. Elasticity
2. Dust
3. Wish Ourselves Away
4. Brakes
5. Back Of My Mind
6. Science
7. Transmission
8. Man In The Machine
9. Astronaut
10. Same Sun
11. Brother
12. Tinman

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