True North

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The Occasional Keepers / 2008-06-03


LTM present True North, the second album from The Occasional Keepers, an ongoing studio collaboration between songwriters Bobby Wratten (Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars) and Carolyn Allen and Caesar (The Wake). True North was recorded and produced by the Keepers with Ian Catt (St Etienne) in London in February 2008. Guest musician Beth Arzy (Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars) features on The Life Of The Fields. Retaining plenty of acoustic, reflective elements from the previous album, this release adds experimental, song-based pop touches to great effect.

True North的曲目列表

1. If the Ravens Leave 5:02
2. The Cricket Laced Midnight 2:15
3. Town of 85 Lights 4:51
4. Leave the Secret There Forever 4:48
5. The Life of the Fields 4:01
6. Factory Records 6:21
7. I've Realized 4:13
8. Snow and Feathers 5:11
9. Elsinore 4:30
10. A Distant Piano on a Foggy Night 7:25

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