Only True Believers

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Armagedda / 2003-01-30


Music/lyrics by Armagedda between the miserable years of 2001-2002
Producer/engineer - Armagedda, Tore Stjärna
Recorded in March 2003 at Necromorbus Studio.
Track 9 is a bonus track not mentioned on the tracklist, not featured on the LP edition.
Re-released in 2011 on CD / LP by Drakkar Productions.
Digipack released by Agonia Records in 1000 copies with different cover artwork. This version has the track "Ghostwood (Outro)" in place of "Night of the Triumphator." The first printing all have a bent back side due to some unknown error.
LP released by From Beyond Productions limited to 666 handnumbered copies. This version has the track "Ghostwood (Outro)" in place of "Night of the Triumphator."
Picture LP released by Agonia Records in 200 copies. This version has both "Ghostwood (Outro)" and "Night of the Triumphator" as tracks 9 & 10.
The bonus track "Domedagens triumf" is issued on the digipack re-release.
Pro-tape released by InCoffin Productions, limited to 250 copies.
The 2010 reissue is in digipak format and includes two bonus tracks.
Re-released in 2011 on LP by Inferna Profundus Records. Limited to 350 hand numbered copies including A2 poster.

Only True Believers的曲目列表

1. Refuse the Blood of Jesus
2. Only True Believers
3. Emperor from the Eternal Dark
4. For I Am His Slave
5. Poetry from a Poisoned Mind
6. Demons
7. F.T.W
8. Endless Fields of Sorrow
9. Ghostwood

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