Killing My Darlings

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Jenssen Amanda / 流行 / 2008-05-07


'Killing My Darlings' is an album by the swedish singer Amanda Jenssen that will be released 7th of may, 2008.
KILLING MY DARLINGS - Maybe you recognize the famous expression - Amanda chose this name because she has more songs and ideas that are “on the shelf” until her next album is released. So watch out! Also there’s another story of why she chose this name. When Amanda was in her last year at high school she recorded an album as her last school assignment. It was recorded in her simple studio at her Lund apartment. There were only a few copies made and she named it “Killing My Darlings”. Now when Amanda had the chance to record it in a professional studio she felt that by giving it the same name her fate was sealed. “I made it”, she says.

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For The Sun


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