Fools Meeting

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Delivery / 1971


Delivery was formed during the British blues boom of the late 60s. However, its sound is jazzier and more progressive than most of the music that emanated from that era. Rhythm and blues serves as a springboard for forward-looking tracks like "Blind To Your Light" and "Harry Lucky." Singer Carol Grimes is frequently compared to Janis Joplin. While Grimes has a powerful voice, she does not reach the level of histrionics that were a showcase of Joplin's. It should come as no surprise that Delivery members joined Canterbury related bands upon Delivery's demise. The reissue CD of Fool's Meeting features several live bonus tracks, as well as a post-breakup demo recording featuring Caravan bassist Richard Sinclair. That demo session, one of the highlights of the collection, spurred the musicians to form Hatfield and The North. Fool's Meeting is an essential part of any Canterbury collection, and also should appeal to progressive jazz fans.

Fools Meeting的曲目列表

1 Blind to Your Light
2 Miserable Man
3 Home Made Ruin
4 Is It Really the Same?
5 We Were Satisfied
6 The Wrong Time
7 Fighting It Out
8 Fools Meeting
9 Harry Lucky
10 Home Made Ruin [alternate take]
11 Is It Really the Same? [live]
12 Blind to Your Light [live]
13 One for You

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