Space Travelers

8.4 131人评价

Milkdipper / 2008-04-16


Space Travelers features 17 new remixes off of Milkdipper lable catalog and it also features new exclusive single
Black Magic from DJ Tonk.
Heavy hitters on the beats includes DJ Tonk, Ohmega Watts,
Think Twice (Specifics),Headnodic (Crown City Rockers),
Himuki, Stro the 89th Key (the Procussions), etc...
This album is loaded with talented MC's with the likes of
Kero One, Light Headed, Zion I, Moe Pope (Project Move),
Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Fineprint, etc...

Space Travelers的曲目列表

1 Black Magic (DJ Tonk Original)
2 Turn the Party Out (Headnodic Remix)
3 My Underground Life 2 (DJ Tonk Original)
4 Innervision (the seouL avengeR Remix)
5 Hold On (Freddie Joachim Remix)
6 Ashby (Himuki Remix)
7 Ladies (Think Twice Remix)
8 All Night (Libro Remix)
9 Alright (DJ Tonk Remix)
10 Reform (King Most Remix)
11 Ladies (Noah Remix)
12 Black Magic (Ohmega Watts Remix)
13 Alright (Stro the 89th Key Remix)
14 Turn the Party Out (Othello Remix)
15 My Underground Life (DJ Deckstream Remix)
16 Innervision (Libro Remix)
17 Ashby (Frequent Flyers Remix)

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