Lars and the Real Girl

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David Torn / Original Soundtrack / 原声 / 2008-03-13

Lars and the Real Girl的曲目列表

1. At The Mall
2. In The Forest
3. I. Lars Is Angry (With Bianca)/II. The Box Arrives
4. Mrs. Gruener Accepts Him
5. I. Opening / II. Still Opening
6. Bowling With Margo
7. I. Karin & The Skirt/II. His Parents Graves/III. Snack Break/IV. Lars
8. Karin Accepts Him
9. I. Lars, Changing.../II. They Actually Touch
10. Bianca Is Dying
11. I. The Flowers.../II. Goodbye Kiss
12. Her Funeral...
13. Lars & Margo
14. Where We Started
15. End Credit Suite
16. L-0-V-E (Nat King Cole)

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