So Much Between Us

7.1 20人评价

Inept / 2008-03-05


This album is destined to be a hit as it is a pop-rock gem, filled to the brim with clever hooks, personal lyricism, and an appeal for a larger market. In a time when the music environment is overflowing with bands replication the same sound, it's tough to recommend a band that fits into the mold that many other bands fit within, but Inept's "So Much Between Us" shatters the mold of mediocrity and brings a refreshing listening experience to the table. Although it gets thrown around often, this band is truly deserving of the "Next Big Thing" title.

So Much Between Us的曲目列表

1. It's All In Our Head
2. The Songs He Wrote
3. War Drums
4. Butterflies
5. Reckless Love
6. See Me
7. No More Waiting
8. So Much Between Us
9. Panic Attack
10. More, More, More
11. Just Like You
12. A Silent Ending
13. Everything I Love

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