Teenage Kicks

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Seabear / 2008


Icelandic act Seabear are one of Morr Music's most recent and finest signings and have attracted more than a fair bit of interest thanks to their stunning debut 'The Ghost That Carried Us Away'. For our money it's the best thing on Morr for ages, and this 7" should see them nudging their way into the 'next big thing' columns in fancy rags sooner or later. The Undertones' 'Teenage Kicks' is one of those songs you should probably never cover, but Seabear manage admirably to take the punk sentiment down a notch or two and bring out the track's simple, beating heart. The end result sounds closer to Belle and Sebastian than the Sex Pistols, but when you're doing a cover you have to add something new, and Seabear have certainly managed that. The B Side however catches the band on more familiar ground with the original track 'Piano Hands' a windswept suggestion of the quality of their songwriting which rests somewhere between the ice-capped beauty of Sigur Ros and the insular unpredictability of Mum. It's fabulous stuff anyway, and remember - you heard 'em here first.

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teenage kicks
piano hands


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