Bubble Universe!

7.9 36人评价

Nonlocal Forecast / 电子 / 2019-03-01


Artwork By – Maxwell Allison
Composed By, Keyboards, Guitar, Producer, Recorded By – Angel Marcloid
Mastered By – Patrick Klem

Bubble Universe!的曲目列表

A1 Celestial Nervous System 5:53
A2 Planck Lengths 4:05
A3 Cloud-Hidden 2:10
A4 The Direct Path 4:02
A5 Triangular Format Featuring – Fire-Toolz 2:50
B1 The Evolutionary Game 4:20
B2 Classical Information 2:19
B3 Foam, Vacuum, Om 4:59
B4 Conscious Agent Combos 4:30
B5 Wave Nature

Bubble Universe!的短评(11)

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