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Hatchie / 摇滚 / 2019-06-21


The debut album from Hatchie is called 'Keepsake'.
Working once again with producer John Castle (who collaborated on 2018’s debut 'Sugar & Spice' EP) the Brisbane-bred musician known as Harriette Pilbeam decamped to a home studio in Melbourne to record 'Keepsake'.
Having racked up plenty of plaudits over the release of the 'Sugar & Spice' EP with its lush, swoony melodies and hypnotic layers of sound Hatchie marks the next step with her debut album Keepsake – an exploratory adventure that draws from industrial via new wave through to the subtle nuances of pop whilst enveloped with an understated elegance and pure, powerful feeling.
The 'Without A Blush' track is the opening salvo from the album and as she says; “I’m excited to start the next chapter of Hatchie with this first track, it’s the perfect introduction to the feelings and sounds on the rest of the record.” Going further she explains the origins of the song; “this was written in early 2018 when I was focusing on the more industrial, heavy sounds that I wanted on the album. Starting with the bass line I worked on the verses for ages. Having lost the original demo because my programs kept crashing, it ended up being a bit of a blessing because the second time around I had a much more concise vision for the song.”
Throughout 'Keepsake', Hatchie’s kaleidoscopic sonic palette draws out distinctive moods and tones that reveal a depth and imagination both as a musician and a songwriter – synthpop, pulsating beats, cascading guitars and utterly enthralling vocals infuses throughout the album. On that ultimately serves as a document of a particularly kinetic period in Hatchie’s life.
“Harriette Pilbeam is pure jingle-jangle dream-pop joy.” - Sunday Times.
“Inherently pop and oozing with confidence, it’s a fantastic debut.” - i Paper.
“…shoegazey love song is as welcome as a rush of dolly mixtures to the head.” - Guardian.


Not That Kind
Without A Blush
Her Own Heart
Unwanted Guest
Kiss The Stars
Stay With Me
When I Get Out





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