Sunshine 3

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Aleksi Perälä / 流行 / 2019-02-04


Aleksi Perala with the last installment of the Sunshine series! Beautiful and bright modern electronix based on the Colundi musical tuning system. (quote Dj Rephlex; ''the frequencies were chosen via experimentation and philosophy, each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, or psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, physics, astronomy, maths, chemistry.'') Smooth and fluttering melodies layered over crispy rolling beats transmitting lovely vibrant sunny upbeat vibes. Braindance with high serotonin and dopamine levels.

Sunshine 3的曲目列表

A1 Nl-L56-18-07442 5:45
A2 Nl-L56-18-07443 4:47
A3 Nl-L56-18-07444. 3:50
B1 Nl-L56-18-07445 4:04
B2 Nl-L56-18-07446 4:12
B3 Nl-L56-18-07447 4:19
C1 Nl-L56-18-07448 4:33
C2 Nl-L56-18-07449 5:09
C3 Nl-L56-18-07450 5:03
D1 Nl-L56-18-07473 4:08
D2 Nl-L56-18-07474 5:03
D3 Nl-L56-18-07441 4:55

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