Serpent Power


Celestial Trax / 流行 / 2019-02-22


At the heart of 'Serpent Power,' the second full length from Celestial Trax (born Joni Judén), lives an organic entity; its sounds roll over the listener like an unknown weather pattern. The intoxicating textures and strange dimensions are designed to cultivate the imagination away from screens: it is music for the journey inward, an ode to stillness. It models itself after the unpredictable yet harmonious sequencing of the natural world. Stepping away from the exhausting, hyper-saturated cyber-dystopia we've been thrust into, 'Serpent Power' envisions a world where technologies aren't aimed at our brains and our souls in order paralyze and control us. Instead, they’ve been modeled after nature in order to elevate us.
Mastered by Joel Krozer at Six Bit Deep
Album Art by Anita Naukkarinen

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