Weigh the Word


Seth Cooke / 电子 / 2019-01-27


Sounds derived from prophetic ministry cassettes recorded 1996-1999; their inscription onto digital formats; and the transcription of the spoken ministry via IBM Bluemix; with the exception of ‘Substitute’ (P. Townshend).
"Sayings of Jehovah are pure sayings; silver tried in a furnace of earth, refined sevenfold"
Psalm 12:6
"as also in all the epistles, speaking in them concerning these things, among which things are certain hard to be understood, which the untaught and unstable do wrest, as also the other Writings, unto their own destruction"
2 Peter 3:16
"We look… together
Substitute for an other
Me for Him"
'Substitute', P. Townshend
Bible passages from Young’s Literal Translation
Limited edition of 77 c26 cassette tapes
We Need No Swords Interview:

Weigh the Word的曲目列表

1.Weigh the Word - Side A 13:00
2.Weigh the Word - Side B 13:00


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