main pop girl 2019


default genders / 电子 / 2019-02-04

main pop girl 2019的曲目列表

1.when it's over [ft. no rome] 04:06
2.reverse chronological order (part 2) 02:56
3.pharmacoma (for ben deitz) 03:33 card from a scammer in minneapolis 03:45
5.vietato calpestare i prati 03:23
6.secret garden .NUXX 03:54 pill skyline 03:28
8.heart emoji xo 02:28
9.reverse chronological order (part 1) 05:13
10.sophie (emphasis mine) [ft. beth sawlts] 03:48
11.holy ground 02:51
12.checking in with the old gang 03:37

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