Hollow Earth

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Pye Corner Audio / 2019-02-14


Analogue synth wizard Martin Jenkins returns to Ghost Box with a glorious vision of retro-futurist electronics in ‘Hollow Earth’, the sequel to ‘Stasis’ [2016]
At just under 1 hour long, ‘Hollow Earth’ weighs in as one of PCA’s most significant, broadest artist albums (as opposed to compilations). It finds the widely beloved project reeling inwards after the extrospective exploits of his ‘Stasis’ LP to reflect on themes of “subterranean exploration and submerged psychologies.”
Gassed on the spirits of Berlin skool synth improvisation and the new age chuff-on that informed early ‘90s house music, the album unfurls as a nightflight over undulating internal topography, roaming from signature slow techno wonders to weightless, vocodered waltz in ‘Descent’ and furtive, ghostly shapes in ‘Claustrophobe’, before raising the energy level with strident dance tracks such as ‘Mindshaft’ and ‘Core sample’. But it’s int he later quarters that we find some of the most precious material, such as the deliciously moody atmosphere and sylvan slink of ‘Dancing Shadows’, the mind-bending noise sculpture of ‘Quad Tape Substrate’, and his Carpenter-on-quaaludes emulation, ‘Buried Memories’.

Hollow Earth的曲目列表

1. Hollow Earth 05:11
2. Descent 04:52
3. Prismatic Gateway 01:26
4. Claustrophobe 03:39
5. Mindshaft 03:57
6. Core Sample 03:28
7. Imprisoned Splendour 04:13
8. The Seventh Labyrinth 04:52
9. Subterranean Lakes 02:23
10. Dancing Shadows 03:53
11. Quad Tape Substrate 01:56
12. Buried Memories 05:00
13. Deeper Dreaming 02:39
14. The Hidden City 01:27
15. Surfacing 06:00

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