Posthumous Humiliation

7.6 11人评价

PISSGRAVE / 摇滚 / 2019-03-01


Philadelphia’s PISSGRAVE, one of the rawest, most depraved, immoral, and violent bands in present-day death metal follow up their 2015 “Suicidal Euphoria” debut LP with their new sophomore LP “Posthumous Humiliation”, an album even more dark, surreal, violent, and perverted than its infamous predecessor.
One again produced by Arthur Rizk, “Posthumous Humiliation” will cement PISSGRAVE’s reign in America’s underground death metal scene as not only one of the most sadistic death metal bands today but also one of the most singular bands in the genre (with the band’s live show attesting to such a claim respectively). Where PISSGRAVE’s slab of nauseating death metal terror is unlike anything going on in the scene today, pushing the sonic thresholds of the genre to new vomit-inducing levels.
“Posthumous Humiliation” ultimately is a disturbing and intense listen, a sonic skullfucking devoid of amusement and pleasure and a celebration of pure torment and misery.

Posthumous Humiliation的曲目列表

2.Canticle Of Ripping Flesh
3.Funeral Inversion
4.Catacombs Of Putrid Chambers
5.Into The Deceased
6.Posthumous Humiliation
8.Celebratory Defilement
9.Rusted Wind

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