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Anthony Pappa / 2008-04-15


Hi-Note Records deliver the first instalment of their international DJ mix CDs, this time brought to you by Australian superstar DJ Anthony Pappa. This 2008 two CD set is packed with exclusive tracks and mixes from a broad range of some of the most talented producers out there at the moment. Featuring the likes of Dubfire, Stel, Jamie Stevens and Ovum's Darko Esser, the album also features an exclusive production from Pappa himself, his first in quite a while. Anthony scoured the globe for music to meet his high expectation with this CD. The result is an album that captures the sound of now, courtesy of the world's freshest and most innovative artists. The album is a journey through Techno, Progressive and House, all sonic quality of the highest order. Whatever your musical leaning, there will be something on here for you


01. Friendly People - Music Is Improper (Martin Buttrich Remix)
02. Plasmik - Sanatorium
03. Ryo Murakami - My Soul
04. Wacker & Zittrich - Rough Collies
05. Darko Esser - Blackout (Human Adams Mix)
06. Par Grindvik - World Of Mine
07. DJ Koze - Mariposa
08. Animaltek - Karmik Loops
09. Anthony Pappa - Outback (Pappa & Chad'S Infront Mix)
10. Presslaboys - Ultimate
11. Gel Abril - Your Face Is A Mess (Mark Broom Remix)
12. John Tejada - Labyrinth
13. Der Dritte Raum - Willi Muller
14. Tom Wax - Euphoria
15. Lutzenkirchen - My Girlfriends Girl
16. Applescal - Joey's Mouse (Anthony Pappa Edit)
17. Avilo - Rubicon
18. Dubfire - Roadkill (Maurizio & Danyelino Remix)
19. Adam K - I Can Feel
20. Massimino & Gemolotto - Contaminated
21. Stel - Sparky's Heartstopper
22. Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Day Shift
23. Jamie Stevens - Keep Her Space (Smith & Selway's Control Remix)
24. Angel Freq - Nothing (Jamie Stevens Pacific Dub)
25. Vincent Vega - Rectum (Chris Fortier 40Oz Remix)
26. Barem - Ears
27. Rekorder - Rekorder (10.2)
28. Luciano Pizzela - Pavlo Said (Daso Remix)
29. Jorg Burger - Superpicture





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