Self-Taught Magic from a Book

6.5 39人评价

Je Suis Animal / 2008-02-18


Je suis animal from Oslo, Norway, mix 80s indie with a generous dose of 60s psychedelia, a spoonful of playful melodies and a pinch of girly harmonies. The result is magical, striking and uncannily beautiful, occasionally recalling the sonic meanderings of My Bloody Valentine, the effortless jangle of The Shop Assistants, Stereolab's astral grooves and Nico's otherworldliness. Their debut album "Self-Taught Magic From a Book" is full of melodic, dreamy tales of murder mysteries, magic, and primitive art.

Self-Taught Magic from a Book的曲目列表

1. Secret Place
2. The Mystery of Marie Roget
3. Beginning of Time
4. Indifferent Boy
5. Rousseau world
6. Hotel Electrique
7. Indoors Out of Doors
8. Good To Me
9. It's Love
10. Amundsen
11. Fortune Map
12. Across the Line
13. Sparkle Spit

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