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Pom Poko / 摇滚 / 2019-02-22

Pom Poko are Ragnhild (lead vocals), Ola (Drums), Jonas (Bass) and Martin (Guitar). The 4 met whilst all studying at the Trondheim Music Conservatory in Norway and quickly garnered interest from a wider audience as they began playing and writing together. The group cite a range of influences for their unique sound, including “(West)-African music like Oumou Sangaré and Ali Farka Touré; indie bands like Vulfpeck, Palm and KNOWER; noisy high-energy bands such as Hella and Death Grips; and music with interesting lyrics such as Jenny Hval and Nick Drake.” But you’d struggle to pin them down to one or two forebears, given their resistance to anything resembling a prescriptive approach.
Bass Guitar, Synthesizer – Jonas Krøvel
Design – Erlend Peder Kvam
Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer – Ola Djupvik
Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion – Martin Miguel Almagro Tonne
Mastered By – George Tanderø
Mixed By – Marcus Forsgren
Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion – Ragnhild Fangel Jamtveit


1 Theme #1
2 My Blood
3 Follow the Lights
4 My Work Is Full of Art
5 Blue
6 Honey
7 Crazy Energy Night
8 Birthday
9 Milk Trust
10 Day Tripper
11 If U Want Me 2 Stay
12 Peachy





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