Ben Sings

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Ben Gibbard / 2008


Ben Gibbard Sings - Ben Sings(Compilation)
Death Cab For Cutie的核心人物Ben Gibbard的一张非官方合辑,包括Ben Gibbard的一些未收录的稀有零散曲目,一些不插电歌曲,b-sides曲目,翻唱John Lennon等的歌曲,还有Ben Gibbard和别的乐手乐队的合作曲目.很强大

Ben Sings的曲目列表

1. Be Still My Heart (Postal Service/B-Side)
2. You Remind Me Of Home (from Home EP with Andrew Kinny)
3. I Was A Kaleidoscope (acoustic - Death Cab For Cutie)
4. Couches In Alleys (with Styrofoam - from Nothing's Lost)
5. Recycled Air (acoustic - Postal Service)
6. They Don't Know About Us (Kirsty MacColl cover)
7. Grow Old With Me (John Lennon cover)
8. Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Postal Service/B-side)
9. A Lack Of Colour (acoustic - Death Cab For Cutie)
10. Carolina (from Home EP with Andrew Kinny)
11. Nothing Better (Postal Service remixed by Styrofoam)
12. The Dream Of Evan And Chan (acoustic - original version with DNTEL)
13. Joga (Björk cover)
14. Against All Odds (Postal Service B-side - Phil Collins cover)
15. Farmer Chords (from Home EP with Andrew Kinny)
16. There's Never Enough Time (Postal Service/B-side)

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