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Tanzwut / 2007


德国中世纪电子工业金属乐队。融合以上元素为一体的乐队。非常值得一听。而且做得氛围非常好。乐队全部成员来自德国另一只中世纪民谣乐队Corvus Corax!
The one who knows the band won..t be very surprised by that. It all started with experimental Electro-Industrial ("Tanzwut" - 1999), then there was more rock and melody ("Im Labyrinth der Sinne" - 2000), in order to show with elements from Ska to Metal that there are no limits that can..t be passed ("Ihr wolltet Spaß" - 2003). And, of course, there are always the - built in their own workshop - bagpipes which is the bands own characteristical sound. Now this way will be continued fresh and cheeky and with a clear harder progress. The double cd begins with the title song "Schattenreiter", a noisy Industrial-Metal song that also shows that breakbeats can be drummed live. In memory of all, this song is caused by the ones who accompanied us in our lives for a while and influenced us lasting in this short period of time until today.(介绍转自网络,请勿用于商业用途,如果喜欢该作品,请购买正版,小水管供源,请见谅)
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Disc 1
01. Schattenreiter
02. Der Arzt
03. Im tiefen Gras
04. Endlich
05. Dein zweites Gesicht
06. Geisterstunde
07. Spieler
08. Seelenverkäufer
09. Immer noch wach (feat. Schandmaul)
Disc 2
01. Intro
02. Toccata
03. Der Bote
04. Versuchung
05. Vulkan
06. Kaltes Grauen
07. Du sagst
08. Wieder am Riff
09. Gefangen
10. Signum Ignitum





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