When the Flood Comes in

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The Audreys / 2008-04-22


2008 sophomore album from this Australian outfit. Key songwriters Tristan and Taasha relocated to New York writing songs at the Chelsea Hotel, home to many an artist over the years including Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin. When The Flood Comes is an album of lyrical and sonic beauty that expands their musical template beyond the Alt-Country tinged and smokey Pop of their debut. When The Flood Comes was recorded at Yikesville Studios in Melbourne with producer Shane O'Mara. 12 tracks. ABC.

When the Flood Comes in的曲目列表

1. Chelsea Blues 4:23
2. Head So Heavy 3:37
3. Paradise City 5:04
4. Lay Me Down 4:02
5. Closing Time 3:53
6. When The Flood Comes In 4:20
7. Anchor 2:48
8. Sally & The Preacher 3:42
9. Small Things 4:07
10. Here He Lies 4:39
11. Songbird 4:39
12. More To A Sinner 4:30

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