...Niemals Kroenender Als Was Einst War

8.5 40人评价

Arathorn / 摇滚 / 1997


附評論一則:It's not bad. What surprises it is the use of the accordion along with a few medieval elements: flute, accoustic guitar and fine sounding piano. The music is meant to put you in the times when Vlad The Impaler ruled Transilvania. The second track consists of romanian verses (cool) which describes some defeat scenes of the Turks that attached Transilvania in the 15th Centry. On the musical part sometimes the music is to booring, quite monotonous. Almost all the time the (little bit bad) drums and the guitar riffs aren't as I expected. I'd liked that they should sound more powerfull and in the front of the accordion. On the other hand I like much the vocals. At last, it is a nice try and it deserves a worthy attention. Listen it.

...Niemals Kroenender Als Was Einst War的曲目列表

1. In Spectren Pulsierender Todesrinnung 8:54
2. O Ultima Privire Asupra Luptei Din Tinuturile Transilvaniei (An Armageddish View Over The Landscapes Of Transilvania) 10:10
3. Die Inthronisation (Der Koening Erwartet Euch...) 6:23
4. Die Hymne Des Winters Zorn 16:35


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