In The End Of Human Existence

9.0 195人评价

Abominable Putridity / 摇滚 / 2007-12-20


Mechanically brutal death metal sickness with some ultra-gurgling sounds that I guess are supposed to be vocals. A total lack of technicality in the guitars, just churning riffs with endlessly repeated patterns. Reminds one much of Mortician, without the pleasant addition of songs too short to become tedious. Production is great for this type of music, but utterly devoid of dynamics, light, shade or any respite from the band's central sound whatsoever.

In The End Of Human Existence的曲目列表

01 Intracranial Parasite
02 Entrails Full Of Vermin
03 Blindfold Surgery
04 Skin Removal
05 Dissected From Withing
06 Throat Fisting Abortion
07 Intestinal Putrefaction
08 Victims Stuffed With Nails
09 Sphacelated Nerves
10 In The End Of Human Existence

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