Encores 2

7.6 59人评价

Nils Frahm / 古典 / 2019-01-25


Encores 2 is the second in a series of extended players meant as companions to the universally acclaimed album All Melody. While Encores 1 focused on an acoustic pallet of sounds with just a solo piano and harmonium, Encores 2 explores a more ambient landscape from the All Melody sessions, the pinnacle of which is the astral 12 minute showpiece Spells. Recorded through a well Nils Frahm found in an ancient house on Majorca, Encores 2 is at once unique but familiar; orbiting the universe of All Melody while inhabiting its own world.

Encores 2的曲目列表

1. Sweet Little Lie 04:46
2. A Walking Embrace 05:29
3. Talisman 04:02
4. Spells 12:35


Encores 2的短评(14)

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