Still On My Mind

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DIDO / 流行 / 2019-03-08


英国流行女歌手Dido将于2019年3月8日发行自己的第五张录音室专辑"Still on My Mind",这也是她近6年来发行的最新专辑。先行单曲"Hurricane"已发行!
Dido has announced details of her new album and details of her first tour in 15 years.
The London born singer-songwriter will release her fifth album Still On My Mind on March 8 2019. A song from the collection, called Hurricanes, is out to download and stream now.
It's been even longer since Dido went out on the road; but she's fixing that with the announcement of her first tour in 15 years. The shows kick off in Prague on May 4 and reaches the UK and Ireland on May 26, taking in Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester and London. Tickets go on sale on November 16.
Dido's first two albums, 1999's No Angel and 2003's Life For Rent, are among the UK's biggest studio albums of all time. No Angel's combined sales stand at 3.09 million, while Life For Rent is on 2.9 million.

Still On My Mind的曲目列表

01. Hurricanes
02. Give You Up
03. Hell After This
04. You Don't Need a God
05. Take You Home
06. Some Kind of Love
07. Still On My Mind
08. Mad Love
09. Walking By
10. Friends
11. Chances
12. Have to Stay

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