Dream Awake


Restoring Poetry in Music / 2004-03-02


Ever since people began to organize sound into patterns of pitch and rhythm, music has always been a source of energy and inspiration. Restoring Poetry in Music taps into this never-ending sonic source every time they take the stage. Whether you're looking for intelligent lyrics, hypnotic grooves and textures, or uncharted improvisational journeys, RPM has something to offer every audience member. An RPM set contains stylistic elements of funk, jazz,hip-hop, rock and soul. However, without resorting to genre classification, the bottom line is that Restoring Poetry in Music provides energetic inspiration to a crowd looking to move their body, mind and spirit.
Restoring Poetry in Music consists of six members from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Will Bobbitt lays down the funky foundation on the drums with Marlon Vann filling in the rhythmic pockets on percussion. Bassist Drew Thomas locks in with the groove and invites the audience into the RPM experience. Aaron Gause(Enron) lends a progressive texture on the keyboards when he's not taking the spotlight with his jazz influenced trumpet solos. On guitar, Patrick Fritz (P-Fritz) mixes driving funk guitar riffs with dirty blues and a unique approach to effects and timbres. Raw Poetic leads the crowd through his maze-like word play, while Drew Thomas keeps them grounded with catchy and melodic choruses. By the end of the night, the crowd's mesmerized, the club's happy, and the band is off to their next on stage event.

Dream Awake的曲目列表

1 Intro
2 Dream Awake
3 Poetron
4 Poetry Bum
5 Learning Tree
6 Patsploitation
7 Interlude I
8 In Love In Lust
9 Play Your Part1
0 Note to Rise
11 Interlude II
12 Atlas
13 Soul Much to Say
14 Pockets and Change

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