The Colourful Life

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Cajun Dance Party / 2008-04-28


Cajun Dance Party are set to release two albums in 2008. The north London five piece, who are all in their final year of school, burst onto the scene last year with a brace of critically acclaimed singles and a series of intense live appearances. The band have been recording with producer Bernard Butler since April 2007 in north London's West Heath Studios. Their debut album 'The Colourful Life' will be released on 28th April 2008 on XL Recordings.

The Colourful Life的曲目列表

1. Colourful Life
2. Race
3. Time Falls
4. Next Untouchable
5. No Joanna
6. Amylase
7. Firework
8. Buttercups
9. Hill The View And The Lights

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