Go Slow

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Deca Joins / 摇滚 / 2018-11-14


Go Slow这张EP讲述四个年轻人生命中的喜悦与痛苦,两种矛盾情感的麻辫——看似壁垒分明却无法丝丝顺理;相互纠缠并同时依赖著对方。此辑高昂地开始,柔软地结束 。在生活中的愠怒、愁苦、无奈像无边的夜晚,而微小的期待是夜里的风。
This ep is about the anger, misery and contradiction in the lives of four young men in Taipei, an subtropical city on the west end of Pacific. The gentle words rage like an endless night, and the tiny expectation are the breeze from the warm, sandy beach.

Go Slow的曲目列表

1 Somewhere
2 海浪
3 眼睛里
4 夜间独白
5 Go Slow

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