Satin Psicodelic

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Sunni Colón / 2018-08-29


The one and only, Sunni Colon is back. Today Mr. Colon returns with a brand new EP, offering a smooth dose of his uncanny abilities. The project is called the ‘Satin Psicodelic’ EP, which is described as “deeply personal, mystical and psychedelic experience.” The project finds the artist delivering seven new tracks which include “Baby I Don’t Mind,” “Technicolor,” and “Summer Blu.”
Sunni recently spoke about the album. He stated: “The stories behind Satin Psicodelic are vast, but in a nutshell, it’s two plus years of creating a myriad of ideas, living in multiple cities, experiencing heartbreak, coming to terms with trauma, and reclaiming myself.” He added, “I guess it’s a very relatable human experience.”
The project is soulful, contagious and psychedelic. It’s an interesting ride, but like anything that Sunni Colon delivers, it’s impressive. Check out the new EP in the stream below and give us your thoughts in the comments below. Keep it locked for more new music coming soon.

Satin Psicodelic的曲目列表

3.Baby I Don’t Mind
4.Mornin Dew
5.Summer Blu
6.Strands of the Future

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