Room 25

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Noname / 说唱 / 2018-09-14


After her wildly impressive 2016 mixtape Telefone, Chicago-based slam poet/rapper, Noname (aka Fatimah Warner) has released her highly anticipated debut LP, Room 25—and it’s everything we’ve been hoping for. The record (which Warner funded and released independently) feels effortlessly laid-back as it bounces from intimate and evocative, to minimal to infectious, groovy, seductive and soulful. Her flow is polished yet nuanced, and the entire album is quite mesmerizing—from the first few seconds onward.

Room 25的曲目列表

1 Self
2 Blaxploitation
3 Prayer Song
4 Window
5 Don't Forget About Me
6 Regal
7 Montego Bae Noname;Ravyn Lenae
8 Ace Noname;Smino;SABA
9 Part Of Me
10 With You
11 No Name

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