Lake Bottom LP

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The Chapin Sisters / 2008-03-18


The Chapin Sisters, Abigail Chapin, Lily Chapin and Jessica Craven, are three actual sisters who live and play music in Los Angeles. Though the band started officially only two years ago, the Chapin Sisters have been singing together forever. Upon hearing the first notes of one of their shows or recordings, it becomes obvious that the Chapins have the sort of tight, celestial harmony that only sisters can achieve.

Lake Bottom LP, the full length debut from The Chapin Sisters, was recorded in the Summer of 2007. On the recording and in person, they wed lilting voices, dynamically complex vocal harmonies, and folk-influenced melodies to dark, wryly sarcastic lyrical content. Their words express heartbreak, love lost and disillusionment from different and unique angles, while their singing expresses an exultant celebration of life. The arrangements are sparse yet rich, showcasing the sisters' sophisticated vocal harmonies supported by Abigail and Lily's subtle acoustic guitars and the occasional accent of bass, percussion, electric violin and singing saw.

Lake Bottom LP的曲目列表

1. Let Me Go
2. Hey
3. Kill Me Now
4. Drop Me
5. Wash Away
6. Can't We Please
7. Shady River
8. Don't Love You
9. Girlfriend
10. Bird Song
11. I Hate the Moon

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