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The Weepies / 民谣 / 2008-04-22


HIDEAWAY is the result of their year-long struggle to get tapped in again. Another homemade gem, HIDEAWAY is a darker companion to their last album, with 14 new tunes ranging from the upbeat title track to the jangly rock of "Not Dead Yet" to gorgeously arranged meditations like "How You Survived the War" and "Little Bird."
As with most of The Weepies' music, there is a happy ending to all the struggle: Deb and Steve were married in 2007, and they had a baby boy, Theo, in October.
The Weepies sound on HIDEAWAY remains rooted in their unique writing and unusual harmonies. Their distinctive production is once again filled out by bass player and guitarist Whynot Jansveld, guitarist Meghan Toohey and drummer Frank Lenz. Additional musicians on this album include string player Oliver Kraus, keyboardist John Deley, guitarist Steve Walsh, and horn player/keyboardist Brad Gordon.


1. Can't Go Back Now
2. orbiting
3. Hideaway(视听1)
4. Wish I Could Forget(视听2)
5. All Good Things
6. Little Bird
7. Antarctica
8. How You Survived The War
9. Not Dead Yet
10. Old Coyote
11. Just Blue
12. Lighting Candles
13. Takes So Long
14. All This Beauty






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