The Diving Belle

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Sibel / 2008-03-12


Sibel Redzep is versatile, unique and timeless! She is a fabulous singer, born Dec 12, 1987 in Macedonia, She is raised in Sweden since very early age. Sibel has taken piano lessons since the age of 9 and vocal lessons since she was 14, but she pretty much sang since she could talk. Her interest in music was stimulated in elementary school, at a school specialized in music. She continued to study music in high school. In 2005, aged 17, she applied for the Swedish Pop Idol TV show and finished in third place. Right now she is recording her debut album that will hit the stores before you know it ;)
Redzep participated in Melodifestivalen 2008 with the ballad That is Where I'll Go, in the last semifinal, where she advanced to "Andra chansen", and subsequently made it to the finals. In hope of representing Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. She did not win.
Some of the songwriters on Sibels debut album have also written songs to; Eric Clapton, Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Alison Krauss Julio Iglesias etc...

The Diving Belle的曲目列表

01: That is Where Ill Go
02: Make Believe
03: How I Tried to Let You Go
04: Sorry
05: Maybe Someday
06: Walking Away
07: Dont You Wanna Know
08: Until the World Fades Away
09: The Reason Was You
10: Any Day Now
11: All I Need is One
12: Open Arms

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