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Riverside / 2018-09-28


— Mariusz Duda / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, ukulele, Hammond
— Piotr Grudziński (R.I.P.) / electric guitars
— Michał Łapaj / keyboards, Hammond, theremin, backing vocals
— Piotr Kozieradzki / drums, percussion
Mariusz Duda: “I'd been thinking about exploring "post-apocalyptic" regions for a long time. I read books, watched films, played video games, all connected by stories about an attempt to survive in a world that had just ended. But writing such a story myself didn't make much sense until now. RIVERSIDE are starting a new chapter and after our recent experiences, a story like that has gained more meaning. "Wasteland" is mostly about what's happening in the world these days but it also makes a reference to the tragedy that befell the band in 2016. Musically, we've returned to darker sounds but we have also turned a new page and recorded the album in a different style. It's still RIVERSIDE but expressed in a much deeper and more mature way. Most artists say the same thing while promoting their new releases: that they have just created their best work to date. I won't say that because everything we have done so far has been consistently very good and unique. But I will say that we have never had such an incredible emotional load on any of our previous releases, and it's not likely that we will ever make such a charged album again. "Wasteland" is an epic, multidimensional, poetic and very deep album. Perhaps of the once in a lifetime kind.”


01. The Day After (1:48)
02. Acid Rain (Part I : Where Are We Now? Part II : Dancing Ghosts) (6:03)
03. Vale of Tears (4:49)
04. Guardian Angel (4:24)
05. Lament (6:09)
06. The Struggle for Survival (Part I : Dystopia Part II : Battle Royale) (9:32)
07. River Down Below (5:41)
08. Wasteland (8:25)
09. The Night Before (3:59)






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