St. Jude

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The Courteeners / 摇滚 / 2008-04-08


Special two CD edition of the hotly anticipated 2008 debut album from the Mancunian indie four-piece comes in a six panel digipak with alternative artwork and a 16 page booklet plus a bonus CD of demos, b-sides and acoustic versions. After signing to Polydor Records in 2007 the band went on to support the likes of The Coral and hooked up with producer Stephen Street (Blur, Babyshambles) to create a record bursting with guitar noise and rasping, energetic vocals. Singles include 'What Took You So Long' and 'Not Nineteen Forever'. Universal.

St. Jude的曲目列表

1. Aftershow
2. Cavorting
3. Bide Your Time
4. What Took You So Long
5. Please Don't
6. If It Wasn't For Me
7. No You Didn't No You Don't
8. How Come
9. Kings Of The New Road
10. Not Nineteen Forever
11. Fallowfield Hillbilly
12. Yesterday Today And Probably Tomorrow
1.Cavorting (Original Recording)
2.No You Didn't, No You Don't
3.Acrylic (Original Recording)
4.Kimberley (Original Recording)
5.An Ex Is An Ex For A Reason
6.Bide Your Time (Acoustic)
7.Acrylic (Acoustic)
8.What Took You So Long? (Acoustic)
9.Not Nineteen Forever (Acoustic)

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