Jubilee Road

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Tom Odell / 流行 / 2018-10-26


After two triumphant albums of piano-powered pop, London singer-songwriter Tom Odell has his feet firmly enough on the ground that he wrote and recorded Jubilee Road mostly from his living room. His third album is inspired by the friendships he formed living in East London. Odell’s memories from the terraced street include intimate tales of kissing in hallways (“Half As Good As You”) and failed-actor neighbors (“Don’t Belong in Hollywood”). The key-thumping “Son of an Only Child” channels his inner Elton John; he even declares, “I’m a rocket man” over its euphoric pop riffs. While this is his most upbeat album to date, the tender “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Tonight” is tailor-made to soundtrack failed romances everywhere.

Jubilee Road的曲目列表

01 – Jubilee Road
02 – If You Wanna Love Somebody
03 – Son of an Only Child
04 – You’re Gonna Break My Heart Tonight
05 – China Dolls
06 – Queen of Diamonds
07 – Half As Good As You
08 – Go Tell Her Now
09 – Don’t Belong In Hollywood
10 – Wedding Day
11 – If You Wanna Love Somebody (Single Version)

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