Dj Tonk: Worldwide Debut Vinyl

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Dj Tonk / 2007


DJ TONK profile
As one of the most reputable producers and DJs in Japan,
Tonk has been supporting the Hip Hop scene since the early 1990's.
While he released his own five full length albums;
"Penetration" (naked artz) in 1997, "Reincarnation" in 2000,
"Aquarian Soul" in 2002 and "LOVE" in 2004,
he produced several tracks for Pismo, Sadat X, Afu-ra, Cocoa Brovaz,
Zion I, Rasco, Raashan Ahmad, etc...
The 4th solo album "SWEET" was out on the Octber 5th 2005.
A debut song for worldwide distribution is "118th Hustle"
from the most listenable and danceable DJ compilation in 2003,
[it's Japan's DJ TONK's "118th Hustle",
a genre-crossing sure-shot, that club DJs will wear out]
XLR8R magazine, November 2003)

Dj Tonk: Worldwide Debut Vinyl的曲目列表

01 118th hustle (feat. dj aki bo)
02 lower east estate
03 japan
04 no game (feat. smif-n-wessun)
05 midnight tokyo
06 bushwicked (feat. finsta finsta and bundy)
07 lyrical synergy
08 all come back (feat. deux process)
09 aquarius
10 galaxy (feat. asiah, insight, marvin, dj tommy)
11 beautiful (feat. raashan ahmad, crown city rockers)
12 stay (feat. yurai, carlos araiza)
13 all night (feat. the procussions)
14 my underground (feat. pismo)
15 its love (feat. noelle of the rebirth)

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