Scatter the Crows

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Slaves To Gravity / 2008-04-15


Hailing from London, England, Slaves to Gravity have arrived to send a Tsunami-sized wave of angry, dirty, passionate rock music across the world. Armed with monstrous riffs, huge grooving rhythms and battle-cry melodies, they cut through todays tired rock scene like razor-wire through an artery.Sick of the watery-eyed nostalgia of the classic rock revival and the macho-misogyny of so much modern metal, Tommy, Jason and Toshi - formerly of The Ga Ga's - joined forces with Mark V, former guitar supremo with Ariel-X, to drag real rock music kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Drawing from a huge range of influences they combine melody and muscle to devastating effect, creating music that demands to be heard.

Scatter the Crows的曲目列表

1. Heaven Is A Lie
2. She Says
3. Big Red
4. Meantime
5. Too Late
6. Doll Size
7. LG Halo
8. My Poor Hand
9. Gutterfly
10. Mr. Regulator
11. Burning Robe
12. Pluto
13. Rosa & The Ocean Blue

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