By The Sword Of My Father

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Folkearth / 2006-08-01


It takes only one look at the inlay of this CD to see how incredibly complex this band actually is. The band's picture says more than any of the 300 words inside this review. It seems like someone took a quarter of the entire European population and decided to make a band...a very good band actually...stripe insanely amazing and talented band... Folkearth features thirty-something "famous" individuals from other Folk metal bands that many of us love and worship, so you know you're getting into "the best of the best" in music terms with this ensemble.
This album was released back in 2006. They succesfully brought another piece in 2007 and they are currently waiting to release another record this month, so they are hard workers allright. "By The Sword Of My Father" is an album packed with all those sounds that Epic Metal-Heads are used to hear: you know... a lot of flutes, harps, bagpipes and those things that you often see in "The Lord Of The Rings" and such films with gnomes, elfs and ewoks - nice things that make this experience as sweet as British tea and as soft as British porn.
Fear not young headbangers, this album also goes inside the "extreme" side of metal - some songs feature Black Metal structures that include shivering shrieks and gothic chants. Of course we also hear intense and speedy riffing that makes this CD really balanced for your brain. In short, this is one of the most complete pieces of metal ever recorded.
Folkearth is already a very important band in the scene and this album is the best way to prove the matter of the band's success - a very cohesive album with impressive execution and surreal songwriting, an almost oniric and histrionic experience awaits you in every single cut in this CD. It's in one word ESSENTIAL for the Folk Metal lovers around the globe.
Best Tracks: "Domain Of Darksome Ravens", "By The Sword Of My Father", "The Lady's Gift"

By The Sword Of My Father的曲目列表

01. Introduction
02. The Lady's Gift
03. By The Sword Of My Father
04. Naglfar Sets Sail
05. The Death Of Beowulf
06. Instrumental
07. Skaldic Art
08. Domain Of Darksome Ravens
09. Returne To Waelhalle
10. Heathenpride [Falkenbach cover]
11. Elves
12. Invictus
13. Wisdom Of Wolves
14. Sailing A'Viking
15. Tribute To Viking Gods
16. Journey Ends (outro)

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