Jim Noir

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Jim Noir / 2008-04-08


The second album from Mancunian electronic/psychedelic troubadour Jim Noir is a blast from the future past. A much more expansive record than the universally acclaimed debut collection 'Tower Of Love' ,the album finds Jim on a concept tip. These songs are the musings of an astronaut on a one way trip to the stars, reflecting on childhood, love, disappointment - life. "There was a bit more money floating round so we used Abbey Road this time," he says. "There was a mastering effect we put on it with the preset title 'Noir Bedroom Effect'. This is how me and George Martin got the sound together."

Jim Noir的曲目列表

1. Welcome Commander Jameson
2. All Right
3. What U Gonna Do
4. Don't You Worry
5. Ships and Clouds
6. Happy Day Today
7. Look Around You
8. Good Old Vinyl
9. Same Place Holiday
10. Day By Day By Day
11. Welcome CJ
12. On a Different Shelf
13. Forever Endeavor

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