Eastern Oi!

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A.C.A.B. / 摇滚 / 1999


Skinhead band from Malaysia. I heard many about how are East Asian groups from Malaysia and Japan good.But when I first heard it I was impressed - it´s somehing different as we here in Western world.
Full of heart,honesty,strong musicianship.Only these bands can we compare with Cock Sparrer.Tip!
1.We are the skins - 5.0 -classic football chant,but effective
2.Unfairground - 5.0 - Great but they are better (!!!) songs here
3.A.C.A.B. -5.0 - no not a cover from the 4 Skins,it´s another song
4.Racial hatred - 5.0 - Very strong chorus
5.Violence - 4.5
6.Born to be skin - 5.0 - they are self-defining but who cares,I feel it by them not as cliche
7.On Saturdays - 5.0 - Another wonderfull song
8.Where have all the bootboys gone - 5.0 - Another note -not the notable Slaughter & the Dogs song but the A.C.A.B.´s masterpiece
9.Fight for your right - 4.5 - Yes good,but next time please don´t play ska song,your Oi! is better
10.We´re coming back - 5.0 - Another track which can be the leader of this LP

Eastern Oi!的曲目列表

1. We Are The Skins
2. Unfairground
3. A.C.A.B.
4. Racial Hatred
5. Violence
6. Born To Be Skins
7. On Saturdays
8. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone
9. Fight For Your Rights
10. We're Coming Back

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