Lady Antebellum

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Lady Antebellum / 民谣 / 2008-04-15


There has been a buzz in Music City since mid-2006 when Lady Antebellum performed together for the very first time. The trio- comprised of Hillary Scott (vocals), Charles Kelley (vocals), and Dave Haywood (vocals, acoustic guitar, keys)- says their name, "Lady Antebellum," represents a sense of nostalgia found in the songs they sing. "It felt like magic," says Hillary, remembering their first performance together, "We all felt more comfortable onstage together than we ever had alone."

A year and a half later, the buzz on Lady Antebellum is as strong as it's ever been, and the rest of the nation will soon discover why. Hillary, Charles, and Dave, three young songwriter-musicians with varied influences and backgrounds, create a sound that is fresh and unique, yet still sounds like something you've known for a long time. The debut single, "Love Don't Live Here," is only the beginning for Lady Antebellum. The "Lady A" buzz is coming...April 15!

Lady Antebellum的曲目列表

1. Love Don't Live Here
2. Lookin' For A Good Time
3. All We'd Ever Need
4. Long Gone
5. I Run To You
6. Love's Looking Good On You
7. Mason Dixon Line
8. Things People Say
9. Slow Down Sister
10. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
11. One Day You Will

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