The Tree

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Lori McKenna / 2018-07-20

The Tree的曲目列表

1. "A Mother Never Rests" (Lori McKenna, Barry Dean)
2. "The Fixer" (Lori McKenna)
3. "People Get Old" (Lori McKenna)
4. "Young and Angry Again" (Lori McKenna, Barry Dean, Luke Laird)
5. "The Tree" (Lori McKenna, Natalie Hemby, Aaron Raitiere)
6. "You Won't Even Know I'm Gone" (Lori McKenna)
7. "Happy People" (Lori McKenna, Hailey Whitters)
8. "You Can't Break a Woman" (Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose)
9. "The Lot Behind St. Mary's" (Lori McKenna)
10. The Way Back Home" (Lori McKenna, Luke Laird)
11. "Like Patsy Would" (Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose)

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