vodka kills my envy

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groovedog / 2006.7


all songs produced in Saint Petersburg, Russia
(Words by hei) Vodka Kills My Envy really makes me envy groovedog. Since i'm one of the first guys who play music with him, i witness every step of his maturity. Just less than a year in St. Petersburg, he managed to release such a damn good album. It's incredible. Both guitar skills and production technique are much better than his previous works. Listening to this album, i just feel as if i am retracing groovedog's life in russia. I can hear his happiness, sadness and even his homesick. in the album, i pick up as my favourite track, it does make me cry.
how can groovedog makes this album excellent, i think that's because

vodka kills my envy的曲目列表

1. theme russ#4
2. envy can kill me
3. 6am you wake me up
4. петр (pyotr)
5. love me is not duty
6. sleeping waiting fucking call
7. я сошла с ума (ya soshla s uma)
8. turn around
9. class russ#12
10. <blank>
11. nothing came out
12. turn around (single version)

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