After All

8.1 61人评价

Nature Living / 2008-03-19


This cover album by Nature Living includes songs from various genre, from Game, Classical, Pop, R&B, Indie, Punk, to Hardcore, etc... each member picked out a style/song. Their cover arrangement & quality of this CD is amazing.

After All的曲目列表

1. Final Fantasy Prelude (Nobuo Uematu)
2. Guilty Deafness (China Drum)
3. Disconnected (Face To Face)
4. You Gotta Be (Des'ree)
5. Material Girl (Madonna)
6. New Age (Blitz)
7. Overshadowing At 100 East (Taken)
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon And Garfunkel)
9. So Sad (Starmarket)
10. Canon (Johann Pachelbel)

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